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The Digital Marketing field is divide in 3 principal areas, Social Media Management, SEO & Web Content. We gonna explain in big picture what means and what we do to get better results.


Everybody thinks can run the social media for you own but the reality is the stats say 85% of the business use in wrong way, that’s why some times people thinks don’t work for your business because they don’t know how make ad’s or when post or how make viral some kind the product or situation.

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SEO is the optimization to search engine Search Engine Optimization). In the past no care if your optimize your website for  search engines but know is the same important have a website that have a SEO plan because is so many websites around the world the search engine never gonna find your business website if you don’t use SEO.



Recently create quality Web Content is crucial for have a great results in the digital marketing. No confuse SEO with Web Content, is completely different areas and that’s why we have in different plans. In Web Content are 2 principals roles, the Generator and the Manager. 

The Generator is who create content that involve your field, for example if your business is a Restaurant the Web Content Generator is the person who create content for your website or your social media page to help with your SEO Plan to get better position in the engine search. 

The Manager is the person to have the knowledge and the skills to understand what is the tendencies in your field and asking in advance to Generator to specific topic. And is the person who decide when is gonna post the new content in your website.  

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